G Editions LLC is pleased to receive query letters by USPS or submitted in the form below from authors and literary agents. We will review book proposals in the fields of fine art and popular culture, fashion and photography, architecture and design, cooking and gardening, children's interests, and lifestyle. We prefer to receive proposals in the form of an annotated table of contents (three-to-four-page table of contents with a brief description of every chapter). Also included should be author’s C.V. and/or biographical statement. Please note if you own the rights to the illustrations, and if not, if you have access to the required illustrations. We are not responsible for original photographs, slides, book dummies, or other material that is submitted. 


How to Submit

Queries should include a cover letter, author background and publication history, and a synopsis of the proposed work. Please submit everything as one singular attachment. Queries via USPS, if a letter-size SASE is enclosed, will be answered within 5 months.

All queries should be sent to:

G Editions LLC.
500 7th Avenue

9th Floor

New York, NY 10018